4 Great Golf Clothing Presents For The Lady Golfer In Your Life

If you have a lady friend, relative, or spouse that loves to play golf, this holiday season, you should get them a gift of golf clothing. This is a great present for the lady in your life who really enjoys to hit the greens on a sunny day. Having the right clothing is an essential part of golf; you have to meet the dress code requirements before most golf courses will allow you out on the greens. Here are four great types of golf clothing that you can buy for the lady golfer in your life.

#1 Golf Shorts

Golf shorts are great to wear during the spring and summer when golfing. Golf shorts are not made out of denim; rather, they look more like khaki pants material. Women's golf shorts are also typically longer, hitting between the mid-thigh to the knee. Most golf courses do not allow women to play in either very short shorts or very long and baggy shorts. You also can't wear athletic shorts on the course as well.  

You can find women's golf shorts in a variety of different colors and designs, ranging from soft pastels and neutral colors to more vibrant colors and patterns.

#2 Golf Pants

Golf pants are extremely practical as they can be worn throughout the year on the golf course. Once again, golf pants are supposed to have a classier look than jeans. One of the most dominate designs on golf pants are different plaid colored patterns, although you can also find women's golfing pants in solid colors.

#3 Golf Skorts & Skirts

Women golfers are able to wear both golf skorts and skirts out on the greens. Many women prefer to wear skorts over skirts, because they provide a little more protection and coverage and are easier to move around it. It can be a lot more comfortable to pick up a ball or a tea while wearing a skort verses a skirt. If you want to go with a dresser golf gift, pick up a pair of golf skorts for your lady friend.

#4 Golf Jacket

If you live somewhere with cool springs and falls, you may want to consider purchasing a golf jacket for the lady golfer in your life. Although you can wear any light windbreaker on the golf courses, golf jackets are designed to provide for a higher range of motion and allows one to still get off a full swing without being inhibited by their clothing. Golf jackets often have gussets under the arms that allow the fabric to stretch so that your lady golfer's swing is not restricted. 

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