Styling Tips For Casual Cork Sandals For Women

Light on the feet, comfortable, and casual-looking, cork sandals are ideal for wearing during the warm spring and summer months. Although they may be simple in style, they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. They're the perfect shoes to wear if you need a basic look during the day, but a more pulled-together look that night. Just changing you clothing or accessories will take you from errands to a summer evening garden party.

Not only are cork sandals easy to wear, but they're also environmentally friendly, as they are naturally biodegradable, unlike plastic. For a casually luxe look, go for sandals with real leather uppers, which will most likely last longer than their faux counterparts as well.

Following are some styling tips you can use when working your favorite pair of cork sandals into your wardrobe:

1. Dresses 

Hot summer days and airy dresses go hand in hand, and cork sandals will complement the breezy look. Try pairing a tank-style mini-dress with flat, cork-bottomed sandals featuring wide straps with buckles for a cool, bohemian appeal. Add a necklace and bracelet set featuring natural chunky stones to complete the ensemble. 

If you need a more casually elegant look for a date or special event, look for sandals featuring a cork wedge or kitten heel to add a bit of height. The slightly elevated sandals will also complement less-fitted, baby-doll-style frocks as well. 

2. Skirts 

Maxi skirts are popular during the summer, and sometimes call for shoes with a slight heel. Keep the long skirt casual looking by pairing it with a fitted tank top or t-shirt, along with lightweight cork sandals. Depending on how the skirt fits, you can choose either flat or wedge-heel sandals. 

One way to upgrade a basic black pencil skirt is with cork sandals featuring shiny gold or silver straps. You can pull the look together with matching silver or gold jewelry pieces. If you prefer a more understated look, choose sandals with basic black or brown leather straps with metallic buckles for a bit of glamour. 

3. Denim 

For a cute, relaxed look, wear either boot-cut or fitted jeans with cork sandals featuring leather straps with boho-inspired embroidery details. You can also find the summer shoes with cloth crochet uppers as a vintage-inspired touch.

Pair a comfortable pair of denim capris with chunky, platform-heeled sandals for a casual-yet-cool evening look. Ankle straps featuring delicate metal buckles will add even more style. 

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