Unique Gift Ideas For The Leather-Loving Man

Are you looking for some fun and unique leather merchandise ideas for the man in your life? Why buy him a leather wallet or belt, when there are many other inspired choices made from genuine leather? Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or simply to show you care, leather is classic and timeless. Many gifts can be personalized as well. Here are gift ideas for your leather-loving guy:

1. A Leather Country Vest and Cowboy Hat

Foster his inner cowboy by gifting him with western style gear. Men's genuine leather vests are often made with stylish exterior pockets and an inner chest pocket, too. Look for a cowhide leather vest made with 100 percent cotton lining for comfort. Brown and black are two popular colors for men's leather vests, but you might also find other colors available as well. Top off that western look with a cowboy hat made of genuine cowhide leather. If you don't mind the extra expense, go all out and buy him some leather cowboy boots.

2. A Leather Laptop Case

Whether he's transporting his laptop for business or pleasure, he'll dress his computer in style. How about a genuine Italian leather laptop case with roomy exterior pockets for storing his accessories? If he prefers the casual style, look for a laptop case made with a distressed leather design. Distressed leather offers a design that looks somewhat worn or aged from being treated with an alcohol-based solution, although the quality of the leather is not jeopardized.

3. A Leather Charging Station Valet

If your modern man has trouble keeping his gadgets and jewelry organized, the leather charging caddie combination jewelry box provides an ideal solution. Made of genuine leather, it features several small compartments for holding his mobile device, pens, earbuds and charger. The back compartment will have an opening for access to the charging cord. You might want to monogram the gift for a personalized touch.

4. A Leather Tool belt

Here's the perfect gift for the handyman. But not just any leather tool belt with pockets will do. Have this leather accessory personalized with his name or nickname.

5. A Personalized Leather Bookmark

Does your guy like to read? If so, give him a personalized genuine leather bookmark. These can be found at unique gift stores and you might request a favorite quote, a passage or his initials to be engraved onto the leather. It makes a unique gift and you're sure to be remembered every time he opens his book.  

Have fun shopping for your unique leather merchandise!

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