How to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe Before Fall

With summer in full swing and fall just around the corner, you may be thinking of ways that you can spruce up your cold-weather wardrobe. Knowing your style and what you do for a living will help you determine what exactly is worth investing in for your wardrobe. From long cardigans to booties, this article will list some urban clothing items that everybody needs in their wardrobe this upcoming season. Sound like something you're interested in learning more about? Read on. 

Long Cardigans

The great thing about long cardigans is that you can layer them with either a camisole in the fall or a turtleneck in the winter, which makes them a great investment and urban clothing staple. When you are choosing a long cardigan, make sure that you choose one that covers your buttocks but doesn't drown you in length. The goal is for it is to look slouchy without it looking like it's too big for you. 

Mom Jeans

Everyone used to make fun of women who would wear those high waisted, 1990s mom jeans, but now, they are all the rage. If you are going to make one big investment piece this year, make it a good pair of mom jeans. Mom jeans are flattering for most body types because they make your waist look slim while accentuating your buttocks. Plus, the great thing about jeans is that you can wear them all year long, which means that if you invest a little more money upfront, they should last you for at least a year or two. 


Another urban clothing item that you should get this fall and winter season? Some booties. When choosing booties, make sure that they are real leather so that they wear well and last for longer. If you do find a good pair of leather booties, make sure to waterproof them before you wear them outside so they are protected from any rain, snow, or water. 

Looking cute and feeling cute are two things that go together. If you want to feel cute, then you have to look cute, right? By investing in these three urban clothing items, you can transform your wardrobe from summer to fall without having to break the bank. To learn more about how you can accessorize these looks to make them even better, contact an urban clothing retailer near you, such as Premier VII, and ask for help. 

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