How You Can Dress Like A Real Cowboy

You don't want to simply dress like a cowboy; you want to look like an authentic cowboy. Well, here's a piece of advice — it takes some skill. Sure, any person can grab what they think to be cowboy attire, but only some people can go from costume-like to authenticity. Learn how you can complete your look.


You must have a belt if you want to look like a real cowboy, and not just any belt, a western belt. Western-style belts are leather and all about the detail. These belts often have unique and intricate stitching and most important, an extravagant buckle. True western belts are usually made with high quality as well because they are designed to last.


To a cowboy, their boots are the most essential element of their outfit. You might even call them the show stopper. While cowboy boots come in all forms, a standard style boot is a roper. The roper boot has a slight heel on it, which makes it easier to place your foot on a stirrup. 


The shirt a cowboy wears is also a style statement. The main thing to remember about an authentic cowboy shirt is that it has a tailored look. Cowboy wear is not the place for a large, boxy shirt that is oversized. Overly large shirts get in the way and are more likely to get snagged on a barn door or another object. 


Keep the same concept in mind when it comes to the denim you wear, in terms of fit. Real cowboys need their denim pants to fit almost like second skin. The more fitted the jean, the easier it is to move around. However, remember that cowboy denim is fitted, but it's not restrictive. The denim blend should have a great deal of elasticity in it.


To top off your look, make sure you don't forget the hat. A cowboy's hat says a lot about the type of individual they are. For example, if the hat is large, it speaks confidence. However, aside from style, the hat should have a large brim. Remember, hats for cowboys are more about function than style. A large brimmed hat provides heat protection and can keep the sun out of your eyes. 

Remember, while you may have a love for all things western, it's all about finding your personal style. If you try to look like something you don't really feel, it will show. So, don't be afraid to let your own style shine and put your own flair on the style. Visit a boutique, like Cowboy Up Apparel, for more help.

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