Spandex Pants Make Your Active And Leisure Life More Comfortable

Pants made from Lycra stretch fabric are a comfortable addition to your activewear wardrobe. This spandex material clings to your body contours for an attractive look and ultimate comfort. Many types of clothing are made from this type of material, but stretchy pants are quite popular. Here are some ways you can wear spandex pants.

Yoga Pants

Stretchy material is ideal for yoga sessions, since you contort your body in different ways. Your pants need to stretch with you so you're not constricted when you bend and stretch. Baggy pants allow for movement too, but the clothing gets in the way of your fluid moves. Spandex pants cling to your body so they never bunch up or drape from your legs and get in the way. Yoga pants come in many attractive colors and patterns too, so you'll always be fashionable whether you wear them to the yoga studio or out shopping.

Running Pants

It's difficult to find running pants that are comfortable and not distracting unless you opt for some type of spandex material. Running pants should fit closely without being too tight. You can buy running pants in a blend of spandex and cotton so the pants cling to your body and allow for perspiration to evaporate. Running pants made from spandex and cotton aren't as body hugging as yoga pants so you may feel more comfortable in them while running.


Stretchy leggings are the ultimate comfort pants. You can wear them around the house, while you're sleeping, and when you need a casual look in public. Leggings come in all colors and some have pretty pattern designs too. If you like to dress comfortably, then you'll want several pairs of leggings that you can match with long or crop tops.

Workout Wear

When you use weight machines at the gym, you don't want loose clothes to get caught on machines. Stretchy pants that hug your body also make it easy to watch your form as you use free weights in front of a mirror. Workout pants are usually made of stretchy fabric so you can bend and twist without worrying about your pants ripping or a tight feeling around your waist. You can buy workout sets of matching pants and tops made of spandex for whole-body comfort.

If you lead an active lifestyle, then spandex pants are a perfect match for you. However, this stretchy and comfortable material is perfect for lounging on the couch too. When you shop for casual pants, note the type of fabrics listed on the label. If the pants are made from spandex or Lycra, you know they'll be comfortable.

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