Are You Still Shopping For Your Children's Summer Clothes?

Did you get so busy with end-of-the-school-year activities that you are just now shopping for your children's summer wardrobe? Maybe you are wanting to mix unique items in with the standard jean shorts, tennis shoes, and sandals. From selecting motivational apparel to decorating summer shoes, here are some ideas that might help you.

Motivational Apparel — One way to give your kid's summer wardrobe a unique look is to buy motivational apparel to go with their shorts and jeans. For example, shirts with words like, I Know I Run Like A Girl — Try To Keep Up! or I May Be Pretty, But I Also Have Brains! would both be great T-shirts for your daughters. A hero logo on a boy's T-shirt with words like, I'm A Super Hero Myself! or Boys Are Just Little Men would be fun for your sons to wear. 

Or, go with motivational apparel that is suitable for both girls or boys. For example, Think It Over, Don't Worry About A Thing, and Start Dreaming,Then Start Doing would all be great choices for both sexes. The great thing about motivational apparel is that it is super affordable. That means that your kids can have a different shirt for every day of the week. Motivational T-shirts wash well, too. That's important since kids often get their clothes dirty. 

Your Kid's Summer Shoes - Besides nice shoes to wear to church or for other dressier events, your kids will probably live in either their athletic shoes or their summer sandals. Of course, there's also flip-flops which often become a kid's go-to summer shoes. Since your kid's feet are still growing, consider buying less expensive shoes, as they more than likely won't be wearing the same size by next summer. 

Consider buying plain white athletic shoes and letting your kids decorate them with permanent markers. The guys might decorate their shoes with things like cars or action figures. The girls might decorate their white athletic shoes with things like flowers, rainbows, and butterflies. Think of encouraging them to have all of their friends sign them. That would be especially fun if they go to summer camp. Friends they make at camp might never be seen again, but they'll carry their names on the shoes all summer long. 

Another way to give athletic shoes a unique look is to buy fun shoe laces for them. Shoe laces in neon colors or shoe laces that look like springs are both good choices for unique shoe laces. 

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