Three Reasons That A Cell Phone Armband Is A Smart Choice For Exercise

Whether you're jogging around the track at a local high school, lifting weights at the gym, or just walking your dog in the evening, your cell phone can be a valuable companion during these exercises. This doesn't mean that you're talking on it. More often, you'll be listening to a playlist of workout music, enjoying a podcast, or tuning into a live sporting event. If you frequently exercise with your cell phone, it's a good idea to buy a cell phone armband. These devices are inexpensive and available wherever you buy exercise gear. Here are some reasons that a cell phone armband is a smart choice for exercise.

Hands-Free Workouts

It's nice to have your hands free when you're working out. Certain exercises, such as lifting weights, require you to have your hands free. Even in activities that don't involve your hands — jogging and walking, for example — you'll appreciate being able to let your arms swing freely rather than having one hand hanging on to your cell phone. Keeping your device in your armband is also a good idea because it allows you to move with proper mechanics. For example, if you were to hold the cell phone in one hand while running, you might keep that arm fairly stationary while pumping the other arm. This could lead to a muscle imbalance over time.

Less Risk Of Damage

You never want to drop your cell phone while exercising, but that's exactly what can happen to some people. If you've been holding the device but grow weary of doing so, you might stick it in the top of your pants, given that some exercise apparel doesn't have pockets. As you move, the cell phone could easily slide out of your pants and fall to the ground below. When you keep it in an armband holder, you'll be confident that it will still safe during your workout.

Keeping Distractions Away

If you hold your cell phone while walking or jogging, it's easy to allow the device to distract you. For example, if you were to see a notification pop up, you might feel compelled to stop your workout and read the message. Multiple interruptions of this nature while you're working out can take away from the time that you're actually exerting yourself, which limits the efficacy of the experience. With your cell phone safely tucked into its armband, it won't distract you and compel you to stop working out for brief intervals.

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