Have You Decided To Start Attending Church Again?

Has it been quite some time since you have attended church on a regular basis? Maybe you went back to church simply because you wanted to see a special Christmas program. Did that visit inspire you to attend church services on a regular basis? If that's the case, maybe you are looking for ideas on what kind of clothes to buy and on how to become part of the congregation. Continue reading to find some ideas that might help you.

Maybe you wore a very appropriate Sunday dress when you went to the Christmas worship service. However, it might be that the rest of your wardrobe consists mostly of casual clothing. Have you thought of buying church dresses and suits that would be perfect to wear on Sundays when you attend services?  Start by deciding on how much you can spend on your new church clothes, and go from there.

  • If you have to start on a somewhat low budget, think of buying one classic black skirt that you can pair with different blouses, and just one or two women's suit jackets. 
  • A classic Church dress in one of your favorite colors would be another good purchase. Pair it with a cardigan sweater on cool days, and then wear it without the added cardigan during the upcoming spring Sundays. 
  • Maybe you want a church suit that will double as a formal event outfit. If so, think about purchasing a skirt-and-jacket ensemble, and then wearing it with different kinds of jewelry for the events you'll be attending.
  • For instance, when you wear the skirt and jacket ensemble to church, wear it with real or faux pearl jewelry. For a more formal event, wear the outfit with crystal jewelry.

Once you feel that you have the right clothes, you'll probably feel more comfortable joining in the different church activities. For instance, if you enjoy doing service work, find out if there Is a women's group that focuses on performing acts of charity. 

Maybe you truly enjoy working with teenagers. If that's the case, find out if there's a place for you in the church youth program. You might even be asked to chaperone church dances. Because you shopped for church attire, you'll have the perfect clothes to wear to the dances and other dressy events.

Be sure to introduce yourself to your ecclesiastic leader right from the very beginning. Let him or her know that you are available to serve and that you are looking forward to meeting new friends. 

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